Welcome to our 'Made-up Language Learning'-study Demonstration!

We are trying to understand what factors make it easier or more difficult to learn to read and write. Because adults already know how to read and write in one or several languages, we made up a language of our own to study how people do it.

Please make sure that you have a microphone and speakers/headphones, and that these are plugged in and working before taking part. This study is not compatible with iPhones and iPads, as well as the Safari browser and Internet Explorer, because of restrictions on audio recording. Please use the latest version of Google Chrome for best results.

This is a demonstration of our experiment, using only a subset of letters and sounds, and using only one practice block and exposure to the words for each task (instead of 3 exposures). As such, it should only take around 5 minutes to complete.

We will not collect any data during this demonstration, but we will provide you with a score showing your performance on the reading and writing tasks.

If you experience any technical difficulties during the study try refreshing or reloading the page through your browser.

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You either do not have a microphone plugged in or you have not granted us permission to use it. You cannot continue unless we can record you - please make sure you allow microphone use in your browser and refresh or reload the page.